Being authentic, translating fashion in your daily life: Interview with Mexican Fashion Designer Begoña Palacios.

Fashion Designer Begoña Palacios

I stumbled upon Mexican fashion designer Begoña Palacios during an interview with Issabela Camil RUMOR. Begoña is very talented and I wanted to interview her. Before having her own brand, she worked in Victor and Rolf where she learned new techniques, and storytelling. It was a combination that worked perfectly for her, To be faithful of her own ideas.

Begoña Palacios design
She wanted to study fashion instead of architecture. So she convinced her parents and went to IED in Barcelona to study.

One of Begoñas  inspiration was watching her grandma sewing and embroider. She learned the technique, and then she decided to do it professionally. 

She describes her brand as “being authentic, and connecting with yourself, Translating fashion in your daily life, with simple things. To see the world through fashion, and Individuality.”

She plans to give exposure of her brand in little portions, maybe through a performance and storytelling instead of a runway show.

While she studied in Barcelona, she had to do 2 mini collections every 2 weeks. For her thesis she had the idea of talking about Oaxaca. what she saw an infant, also about artisanal work and the daily life. There were many situations she loved about traditions, that go from generation to generation.

To share a particular treasure of the culture of Oaxaca as part of her brand through storytelling.

Today she designs custom made garments. She has a project of illustration and mindfulness.

She will finish her new collection and wants to present it in a very particular way. Not in a comercial way, she be designs unique pieces. She wants to share them with stylists, photographers, and different disciplines. She wants to connect with more people, maybe theater and be part of project.

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