Case Study, an insight of Collectiva Concepción Mexican luxury fashion brand / Interview with Concepción Orvañanos

Adela Top Maya / Collectiva Concepción SS21

A few years ago I had a chance to work with the Mexican fashion brand Yakampot, as well as Arroz Con Leche as a graphic designer and social media manager. It was a great experience, one of the most rewarding I’ve ever had. I understood how one garment can be so special and unique by all the work that is behind it, specially when there are artisans working in the process along with the creative director then Francisco Cancino and a master mind behind the brand Concepcion Orvañanos .

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Concepción and we talked about her luxury brand Collectiva Concepción . She told me how the idea of the brand was conceived and how the brand landed as a well positioned luxury fashion brand in Mexico and overseas.

I think it’s really a good case study. Because the whole development and strategy of the brand was well planned. Huguette Hubard took over as creative director of Yakampot in 2014, and together with Concepción Orvañanos wanted to bring the concept to United States, and expose it formally in 2018 internationally.

The brand strategy was landed by Rebecca Blair, teaming up with Concepcion’s inspiration and design by Huguette Hubard.

According to the market study, the brand Yakampot sounded Japanese for a foreign target. Definitely the name Collectiva represented perfectly the DNA, and the pricing strategy was a perfect fit for a new luxury brand. Giving it a USP work behind every piece, from hand embroidery to confection.

The name Collectiva Concepción made the perfect sense, and it gave the brand exposure in the international market. It may seem easy to target a brand in a foreign country but there was a lot of research and focus groups to land it perfectly. Collectiva DNA’s is a representation of the word collective that means working teaming up with communities. Concepcion means origin, and creation, a game of two words that means working in a collective. Collectiva Concepción DNA represents the feminine side of women, Mexican roots and artisanal work. To recreate design trough a curated eye, and give it a wow factor. By respecting the iconography of each region and community. Collectiva gives pureness to simplicity. Soft silhouettes and garments that are an investment not only because they are long lasting, but they become necessary. It’s an expression of beauty, justice, and liberty of a woman. The brand was launched in the European market in 2019 in Paris, giving it exposure overseas. Now you can find Collectiva Concepción at Rainboway showroom. And it all was inspired by Concepción Orvañanos geniality, and experience with fashion.

Today I interviewed Concepcion Orvañanos

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