Art and Spirituality / Interview with artist Inaaagold

What is your name?
My name is Georgina but they call me Coquis, or Ina. Inaaagold is born with the intention of finding the gold in our feminine side. The INA part of Georgina is the suffix of the femininity of everything. And GOLD es like the metaphor of finding gold at the end of the rainbow, when you are in balance with your inner rainbow (the chakras) you find gold, the pleasure in your life. It is time to embrace our feminine side, intuitive, dark, magical and sensitive side.
Where does your inspiration comes from? 
The more I go inward, into my emotions and my intuition, the more is my need to express all of this beautiful information into the form of illustrations. For me, to draw, has been a powerful tool I’ve used since I was a child to express something, share something, or translating something on paper, up to date for me art is the expression of the soul, of my heart, and my everyday life.
I’ve seen various of your projects like the magic cards for Holistika, your wall paintings and your lovely illustrations.
Yes. I ‘ve always liked to do a little bit of everything and express my art in different ways. I LOVE painting walls. It is an incredible feeling that makes me feel alive. To feel the street, talk to the people who pass by walking while I’m painting, to observe what is going on around me while I leave this image on that corner. 
Doing portraits is something I do since I was little too. I have always loved to draw people, it is easy for me to read them, feel them. And little by little I began to discover that art is not only something visually beautiful, but to observe how an intention can heal the spectator. Like I said before, it is a powerful tool that helps you manifest anything you want in your life.
The cards are also collaborations that I‘ve enjoyed so much making and I love to see them everywhere. And to know that every time there are more people connecting with this intuitive energy of the universe that comes to fill us with love inside our hearts.
What messages are you looking forward leaving people through your art? 
Everything that I draw, somewhat are the result of processes I have lived and learned from. Everything I express, are tools for anyone that finds themselves in a similar process, that understands that we are not alone, and that we are one. We are here to enjoy, to find that magic we hold inside. Remember our essence and re connect with our inner child, with unconditional love and the most high vibration.
Do you consider yourself as an spiritual being, what touch do you give your creations? 

Yes, I consider myself a very spiritual person. Connected with everything, I am part of everything. For me that is spirituality. I reflect that on my art as well. Trusting completely on the universe, Mother Earth, our superior being, light beings, the angels, all of our teachers, that sustain us and help us in the process and protecting us everywhere we are and understanding that it is always the right place to be. Living what we have to live. Knowing that with love, we flow in perfection with creation, because we are part of it. When you learn to observe all the signals that life brings to you,  you live plenty in peace and accept everything as it goes.
Now I am working a lot with Healing and Empowering portraits. I have a lot of commissions of portraits of people who want to connect with their higher self. And it makes me very happy to be part of that manifestation.  Also I want to go back to the streets, to paint on walls I’m fascinated by it. I am also working on a book, I. have been working on it for 2 years, hope to release it soon.


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