ASVOFF : A SHADED VIEW ON FASHION FILM 13 / Special Screening to vote ´People´s Choice Award´ in XALAPA, VERACRUZ MEXICO

Last year I had the opportunity to Interview one of the most important icons in fashion Diane Pernet (A Shaded View on Fashion Film) , and this present year I find my self interviewing Pedro Guez about his role in ASVOFF, his feature in The New York Times, The Fabricant, his new coming projects and a special film projection that will take place this week the 14 of April at Xalapa, Veracruz in my country Mexico.

Who is Pedro Guez? His experience in the fashion industry started 12 years a go as he launched his own jewelry contemporary brand at age 19. Currently Pedro is the social media director at ASVOFF (Paris) the first and main festival of cinema dedicated to fashion, style and beauty founded by Diane Pernet. Pedro is also a community manager at The Fabricant (Amsterdam) a house of digital fashion, leader in the fashion industry in a new exclusive section of digital clothing. Pedro has a background in psychology and a license in fashion business by the Institut Français de la Mode. He is moved and inspired by multicultural cosmovisions, geometry, science, art and technology.

About the Special Fashion Film Festival that will take place the 14 of April in Mexico, Diane director of ASVOFF presents a curatorship of various films of fashion, and an audiovisual experience through a digital fashion runway. The event is produced by creative director from Xalapa, Mexico Pedro Guez.

“It’s an honor for me, as a creative and citizen of this city to present this world size great event, known as one of the most important contemporary exponents such as de movie industry, and fashion. Today more than ever foment the celebration of creativity is crucial.”

Pedro Guez , Social Media Director at ASVOFF

“Concepts as the Metaverse and NFTS little by little encompass in an accelerated way our physical and virtual environment. Through digital fashion and decentralization and democratization in the opportunities of creation and market are infinite. It’s really exciting to witness the insertion of digital in our physical reality. The Runway that will be present, represents the future not only fashion but out own identities.”

Pedro Guez, Social Media Director at ASVOFF

The creations of the fashion designers: Leo Quistián, Yanko Acosta, Kheyvan Cruz y Alan Zamochkova will be part of the digital fashion runway , in collaboration with make up artists , stylists and creatives. Pedro is surprised by the talents of the fashion students from Xalapa. ASVOFF will always give voice to emergent talent.

During the event, the attendees will be able to vote easily for their favorite short film, scanning a QR code that will be given there. We recommend the attendees to download on their mobiles Snapchat so they can live the experience of the digital fashion runway.

The projection of the short films, and the opportunity to vote for the winner, will be through FNL Network. We have prepared an amazing audiovisual experience with Taciturno and DJ Digna Rabia. The event is made with love for all cinema and fashion lovers. In collaboration with JEVELS and One Model Management.

The event will take place in Tierra Luna Cultural Club, Art and esthetics are fundamental in this space. The digitalization of quotidianity far from considering it evil, perverse or egocentric we see it as a possibility as an expansion of identity and multiplicity of futuristics sensorial.

Emilio Gomagu , Director of Tierra Luna Club Cultural

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