Cartier Design : A Living Legacy exhibition at Jumex Museum Mexico City

Cartier Design: A Living Legacy curated by Ana Elena Mallet and museography by Frida Escobedo is currently exhibited at Jumex Museum in Mexico City. I had the opportunity to visit the museum yesterday and I was blowned away.

“This exhibition includes more than 160 original pieces on loan from Cartier Collection, as well as private collectors,alongside sketches and plaster models from the Cartier Archives and an immersive installation by French design studio Iconem, specialists in 3D digital renderings of endangered world heritage sites, that explores the understanding Cartier’s patrimony as a living legacy in a state of constant transformation.” – Ana Elena Mallet

“The exhibition studies Cartier’s design as well as the skill of its craft: it reflects a contemporary gaze without losing sight of Cartier’s rich and complex past. The pieces on display are both jewels and design. They are art and they art history that endures, evolves and remains alive.” – Ana Elena Mallet

“Plaster cast for a head ornament” Cartier Paris Archives
“Crocodile” necklace, Cartier Paris, special order, 1975
“Crocodile” necklace, Cartier Paris, special order, 1975
“Snake” necklace commissioned from Cartier Paris in 1968, for Mexican actress María Félix. Collection Ángel Elechiguerra

María Félix is one of the most famous actresses of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. She represents: “Spectacular beauty, elegant bearing and strong personality.”

I got these 2 babies! The exhibition abstract with texts by Ana Elena Mallet and this amazing book named “The Cartiers” by author Francesca Cartier Brickell descendant from the Cartier family.

From the Museum’s shop! Abstract and great read.

The exhibition will be available at the Jumex Museum till May 14 , 2023.

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