CRUDA / Sustainable and Ethical Footwear by designer Pamela Hernández from Costa Rica

CRUDA designed by Pamela Hernández is a sustainable footwear brand that supports artisanal processes and the practice of responsable production in a chain of collaborations. The shoes are hand made in leather and wood Upcycling making each pair one of a kind.

CRUDA by Pamela Hernández

“We recover traditional manufacturing techniques handmade footwear, which in turn are transmitted to new generations. Our designs are based on Upcycling concept. Almost 100% of the materials we use for the manufacture and packaging of footwear is reused raw material: carefully selected and curated second leather garments, certified wood or wood from demolished old houses and discarded furniture. All this is recovered and transformed to give life to a unique and unrepeatable object aiming for its final finish to reveal the manual craftmanship of our collaboration.

Sustainable Footwear Apparel

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