Damien Hirst “To Live Forever (For a While)” Exhibition at the Jumex Museum

Today was a great morning! I had the chance to experience Damien’s Hirst new exhibition “To Live Forever (For a While)” curated by Ann Gallagher at the Jumex Museum press day. A few years back when I was a young university student I was so amazed by Damien’s Art and the stories behind his work at my art class, and always dreamt of seeing his art in an exhibition or a museum. Thank you to Ruth Ovseyevitz for giving me the opportunity and making it happen.

“Damien Hirst” is one of the leading contemporary artists of our time. He has frequently provoked public controversy through audacity of many of his works, as well as his attitude to the systems through which art is made visible and circulates, raising pertinent questions on issues of cultural value and taste. Hirst’s bold personality has become inextricably linked with his artistic output, forming an essential part of its power.

I met Ann Gallagher at the exhibition. She was very sweet, and I think she did an incredible curation.

“To Live Forever (For a While), presents a survey of some of Hirst’s most significant works and series, in all their diversity, confronting us in ways that prove at times provoking as well as captivating.”

It might seem silly, but I couldn’t understand how the animals preserved in the formaldehyde-filled tanks were placed. The tanks are very big, and the animals are intact. How could they make it look exactly as the piece of art was created? I actually asked the museum staff how they did it. I was picturing the tanks traveling in an airplane or something. But the truth is that the animals come in a set, preserved, and then the tanks were filled up little by little with the formaldehyde solution.

I am not giving up more spoilers but you can come see the exhibition, I truly recommend it.

Jumex Museum / Museo Jumex

23 march – 25 august 2024

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