Taller de Obsidiana Brand and Casa Obsidiana Concept Store: Interview with Topacio and Gerardo Cuevas

About 8 years ago in a very cool design bazaar “Trafico Bazar” at la Roma I discovered Taller de Obsidiana where I met brother and sister Gerardo and Topacio Cuevas. I was completely mesmerized by their unique jewelry , made with very interesting materials. Today Taller de Obsidiana brand has amazing projects among them is their own Mexican concept store by the name of Casa Obsidiana in Teotihuacán, Mexico.

Taller de Obsidiana was conceived behind many circumstances.. Topacio and Gerardo’s father is an artisan and designer, as well as their grand parents. Topacio studied Architecture, and always visualized Interior design, but not Taller as a brand. Gerardo has a major in Marketing and gave Taller de Obsidiana branding, and concept. The first exposure they had was at Trafico Bazar where they presented their designs for several occasions. The materials used for the designs were Obsidian, quartz, Coralita Stone, and marble. There are 5 lines of different designs.

Their first alternate project was an interior design for Casa Dragones in 2016. By 2017 the idea of creating a concept store began. Doing the correct curatorship with Mexican designers, brands and promoting them in Casa Obsidiana Teotihuacán, Mexico, projecting the values and concept of the store. Some brands you will find are: Anuar Layon, Rococo, Mal negro, Ana Lebrija among over 30 very interesting design proposals. Counting with the support of friends like Maria Mariscal brand.

Taller de Obsidiana has moved all around the globe. Not only at fairs, and expositions presenting their designs abroad. The brand has participated in Fashion Week Mexico, and in Mexico’s Design Week for 4 years, and also was presented in Milan Design Week.

Some interesting projects are: Collaboration with Disney in 2018 celebrating Mickey Mouse Birthday, with Tequila Don Julio “Mano a Mano” reflecting artisanal work, metallic stones, and prime matter.

Today Casa Obsidiana counts with an Online Store.


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