Goldfish Unknown / From Taiwan, Interview with Designer Tsai-Feng Chou

What is your name and where are you from? My name is Tsai- Feng Chou, but you can call me Freda, I’m from Taiwan.

Where do you study fashion?

I’m studying Fashion styling and design communication at Shih Chien University. 

Talk to me about your participation behind  Tapei Fashion Week

I am very grateful for this opportunity. I am participating on behalf of our department.  This is a student show  by the organizer of Taipei Fashion Week.  

There are 4 schools in total, and I will participate on behalf of our department.

 What is the inspiration behind the Goldfish Unknown collection?

My work is “Goldfish Unknown”.

I discovered that goldfish are species bred by humans for ornamental purposes. They were born to be kept in a fishbowl for human hobbies. So it has aroused my interest and reflection. 

The goldfish reminded me that modern people live like goldfish because we often care too much about what others think, or we have no opinions and follow fashion blindly. These behaviors are just like the brainless goldfish, living in their own perceived world, trapped under the aesthetic values of others, and unknowingly becoming the “products” of human beings.

I hope my work will make the audience reflect on their uniqueness. We are all special and we don’t need to change ourselves for other people or society’s values. Otherwise, we will be like goldfish, trapped in a fishbowl without realizing it.

 What are your plans in the future? After graduating in June this year, I decided to go for an internship in a designer brand first, and then I hope that in 5 years I will go to the UK to study fashion design and finally open my own designer brand.

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