Hermès in the making in Mexico City

I had the opportunity to attend Hermès in the making in Mexico City! It is such a beautiful experience to learn more about the brand and the incredible process with its artisans who are behind the savoir-faire, which makes the brand of high quality in a sustainable model.

The artisans had their own interpreter, and I loved the way they made the visitors part of the savior-faire by telling us all about the making process and showing each step precisely in every design.

One of the stations I enjoyed the most was the making of the Hermès gloves, The creation of gloves might seem too simple, but it is not; twenty-two stages are required to reach the final product.

“The objects of Hermès are designed to be loved, enduring, repaired, and inherited.”

The second one was the repairing station, where an artisan was working on a used bag, meticulously repairing every single detail. It doesn’t matter the model of your bag or the time of purchase; Hermès provides this service for every client.

It is also interesting to see how the brand works with silk. The silk engraving is one of the exceptional crafts that Hermès uses to create its silk pieces and has been inherited from the traditional silk work of Lyon.

One thing that caught my attention was the installation that showed the up cycling projects of “art objects” that are new items made out of scraps and remnant of fabrics and leather. Like a new bag made out of a tie for example.

I took some pictures of the exhibition, I hope you like them! Check out the Hermès official website.

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