How to build a sustainable closet? / Mireille Acquart Mexico’s Fashion Sustainable Planner gives us a few pointers.

A few weeks ago I had a great interview with Mireille Acquart the Sustainable Fashion Planner. She is the pioneer of fashion sustainability in Mexico. She is also a consultant and mentor for several clothing companies and brands. She is the head of Ethical Fashion Space.

I didn’t realize that clothing mass consumption was a big problem. I knew the effects and impact that gives our planet, and all the people who work behind our clothes. Fast fashion is easy to buy and easy to be destroyed. How can we change our ways?

And I had to ask Mirelle…What would be your tips to build as sustainable closet?


  1. Wear what we already have in our closet.
  2. Rediscover pieces
  3. Adjust your pieces and give them a make over.
  4. Switch them, sell them on line, sell them at pop up stores that are dedicated to swap parties.
  5. Take a risk with preloved clothing.
  6. Save money in more ethical sustainable apparel.
  7. Enjoy your shopping in a responsible way. It is not about running away from the stores (fast fashion). Read the labels y the clothes composition. We must try to undestand if we can commit to lead a new lifestyle.

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