Influencer Marketing, is it reliable for every Fashion luxury brand?

From a few years till now we have been influenced by Instagrammers, Bloggers, and now Tik -Tokers. Their unique personality, fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle and original content are what makes them relevant and on the top of mind of the brands and their followers.

But we have to ask ourselves, if it’s really a strategy that will be useful and a perfect fit for the brand? We are talking about Influencer Marketing.  Brands are more aware of the trends and who follows them on social media. They care about their reputation and their engagement with their consumers. 

Some bloggers create user generated content or branded content that will help the brand become visible on line, and at the same time generate awareness. Others publish sponsored collaborations with the brand, it can be an Instagram post or an Instagram Story. Some are invited to PR Events and experiences to communicate all about new products and collections. They may also attend the fashion capitals of the world like Milan, Japan, Paris to fashion weeks, and you will find them at the first row.

In order to build a great influencer marketing, the brand has to choose an influencer that communicates the values, lifestyle, and personality of the brand.  It is very common for fashion, and beauty luxury brands, to build a campaign by engaging their audience with an influencer since they become the portrait of the brand to the world.

Some brands are more exclusive, and others may have different targets and budgets. That’s why nowadays marketing agencies do a background check on their potential influencers, by measuring their engagement, number of followerscontent, and rate them accordingly to get to the decision if they are the perfect fit to work with the brand.

The number of follower is just a number, it can be subjective. There are nanomicro influencers that have less than 10k, and macro who may have millions. 

Some campaigns are successful and go viral within seconds, but it doesn’t guarantee a sale. It depends on which is the goal you want to achieve with the influencer campaign. Is it awareness? Is it engagement? Is it conversion? The things about social media is that everything is measurable, and you can measure the effectiveness of each campaign.

Sometimes the brand simply doesn’t need to jump in to the influencer marketing trend, and that is ok. There are other marketing strategies on line and offline to be on the word of mouth and top of mind of the consumer.

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  1. I agree completely with this article, an influencer strategy is one of the most common strategies used nowdays but just a few find the way to actually make it work with the company objectives.

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