Interview with Mexican Fashion Designer Vero Diaz

The first time I went to MBFWMX in Campo Marte a long time ago when I started making reviews of the runway shows I attended to Vero Diaz runway. She is a Mexican designer who has transcended in her country and overseas. I interviewed her about her beginning in the fashion industry, her creative process, her personal seal and her SS/21 collection.

When did you started your career in fashion? I studied fashion and made several postgraduate degrees in Parsons, New York. But I can say that thanks to Elle Mexico my career as designer peaked, since I participated twice on “Elle Mexico Diseña” winning twice on third place, afterwards I was invited to be part of the MBFWMX family, and we present our collections two times a year (Spring -Summer, Autumn-Winter). We have been invited to participate in different runways i Mexico and abroad like Miami, NY, Qatar, Montecarlo, London and Canada.

How do you start your creative process? , How do you work with embroidery? The inspiration may come from many ways, in occasionally I have in mind what to design, I am also inspired in things I see on my daily basis, on different occasions I find textiles that I love and work with them. The creative process starts with the whole idea of the collection, we land it, create a mood board, color palette, we choose a silhouette and we start designing.Then we start the confection process and at last we add our garments artisan embroidery which we design and make a 100 % on our atelier, to finish we make our shooting of our campaign, and look book (Which we enjoy very much).

How often do you present a capsule collection? They may vary, but we approximately make 3 a year, the one we always present is our Holiday Calsule Collection,it is one of our favorites. We love the feeling of celebration!

What is your brand DNA? Vero Diaz is romantic, feminine elegant and contemporary,

What makes Vero Diaz designs original?, What is your personal seal? The heart of our brand is found on our artisanal embroidery designed and made 100% on our atelier with different applications, fine crystals, diverse materials and textiles. Without leaving behind the trends, given the result products with total wearability.

Which is the inspiration of Marea your SS/21 collection? The silhouette is inspired on the 50’s. Marea pretends to transmit a message of resilience of situation we face today, If we go back to the 50’s, a little after World War, the world needed a break, and fashion was a remedy to transmit something new, and the sensation of liberation of all the bad that had occurred on the past decade. Today the world lives a situation similar to that, and our principal inspiration has been the near future where we return to our principal inspiration where we become our selves and enjoy the way we dress, celebrating a the same time feminism and beauty of the Latin woman.

The inspiration of the color palette emerges of the tonality of summer, the different colors of the sea and what habits in it. The different shades we appreciate while combining the sand with water, the freshness of air flowing on our skin. The sensation of becoming one with nature when the the breeze reaches us, The prints on this occasion are inspired on the sea.

What are your next projects? For the moment I can’t reveal them completely, but something big is coming up. We cross fingers so that it all goes excellent! For Vero Diaz bridal our next project is in process. It’s new collection will be available for our clients on latest February and beginning of March.

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