Prince Laúder

Interview with Prince Laúder / art, fashion, and mix media.

Basquiat By Prince Laúder

My name is Carlos Guerrero, and I am from Mexico City.

When did you started your career? Formally I started back in 2010. A few years a go I saw at the Molt store in Las Lomas your expo about fashion characters. Tell us more about it.. It was an exhibition named ICONS, a way of surrendering an homage with different portraits of fashio, music and movies characters like Grace Kelly, Madonna, Basquiat, David Bowie among others. One way all of them shared a bonding language it was what I loved the most.

Who or what is your inspiration? I am inspired a lot by people who follow their dreams, that are passionate of what they do and everyday try to

What tipe of techniques do you use to work on your art?
I work with mixed media and mostly with collage, maybe they are techniques that involve less rules, it is fun to work with collage.

How is your creative process? Each art is different, in some cases I do drafts of pieces I want to do, in others it’s just experimental, sometimes I start some piece by hand then finish them up on digital media or viceversa. I rely a lot on digital technology to test my work and create a real version.

Recently I saw an art of yours on a cover of a book. How was the process? I love the process of creating an art of the cover of the book “El libro de Oro” (The Golden Book) by Alejandra Llamas, It was not only the fact of seeing my work worldwide but the magic that connects with the book. I met Ale 2 years a go , and ever since she has supported my work. When she told me she was about to launch a new book and wanted me to do the cover I didn’t doubt about even for one minute.

Now during quarantine, are you creating, something new or are you in new projects? It’s curious, during quarantine it’s when I have felt more creative. At first it was difficult, the experience to try to understand how the art market was going to behave, but then I started to experiment with what I had.. (magazines,books of my collection, I created collages, and experimented with color and forms with different materials. Everything has been a process of a lot of growth and knowledge.

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