Craftmanship and Millinery : Interview with Mexican Designer Trinidad Cuesta

I am a hat lover, I probably own about 10 and they are hanging on my bedroom wall, Hats are so atemporal and fun! I came across a Mexican brand named Trinidad Cuesta on my Instagram feed. I thought of doing a interview with the designer to know more about the brand and the inspiration behind it.

Trinidad Cuesta

Trinidad Cuesta is a Mexican brand of very unique and fashionable hats.

How was the brand conceived?
I have always loved fashion, I consider that the garments and accessories we choose are a form of expression of our personality and creativity, it is our language. I think fashion is linked with our own esthetics and our taste for color, music, art, different periods, cinema, interior design, and literature. From curiosity and my passion for hats, an accessory that brings authenticity, and style which has been an statement through time. I like that hats are atemporal but at the same time they can be intervened with different techniques, like textiles , paintings, jewelry , and embroidery. I tried to learn, and understand the origin of millinery, and also tried to rescue It’s craftsmanship.

I traveled through all of Mexico’s states in search of artisans with experience on the craft ,which knowledge passed throughout generations and learned from them. I wanted to learn how to make hats the artisanal way. Made with bare hands. With the wool bell, and the application of heat you create an amazing piece in a process of 8 hours.

How do you describe your brand?
Trinidad Cuesta is a Mexican millinery brand made in Mexico that offers unique and creative pieces with high quality. Hats tell a story, they can be worn everyday bringing you authenticity and style.

What is Trinidad Cuesta’s DNA? Artisanal process, high quality materials, constant collaboration with artisans and artists. Also we do costume made pieces accordingly to the client.

Where can we find your brand?
On instagram as @trinidadcuesta, soon at, and in boutiques like Cardon, 180grados, Ruutel, Lago DF, Cihua’s showroom in Mexico City, and in San Miguel de Allende at CASA no Name, Mixta San Miguel.

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