Mextilo: 500 years of Mexican Fashion

Gustavo Prado Researcher, and Director of
trend agency

Making Mextilo wasn’t an easy job, but there was a way to make it . To save a part of history of our country. The future of culture is on the internet, where knowledge is free, and compatible. That’s why instead of printing it’s second edition, we give it away and make it free for ever. – Gustavo Prado

Mextilo is a cultural initiative that captures the Mexican identity, linked with art, tradition, and fashion in our country. Mextilo is the first book that embodies the history of Mexican fashion. What started as a film documentary for ASVOFF in Paris in 2015, became a 400 pages book. For it’s second edition Gustavo Prado and his Trendo team decided to make Mextilo available for anyone for free on line. Definitely a must read for fashion lovers, and anyone who is passionate about Mexico.

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