“Eat Kimchi, Drink Soju” at MOA DELI

One of my favorite places to go in La Roma at Mexico City is MOA DELI! The very first time I came it was with my bf and a couple of friends. We shared a delicious breakfast, and I fell in love with it’s KIMCHI and SANDOS (Sandwiches) specially the one with egg. That day MOA DELI was selling their very own merchandise and I got a very cool base ball cap with the legend “EAT KIMCHI, DRINK SOJU” which I actually got to wear at a real baseball game that afternoon and shared it on my social media. And it’s my favorite cap to wear literally every where.

EAT KIMCHI, DRINK SOJU Merch by MOA DELI and DOORIBAN at my Instagram @msbecaramos

One of the things I love about MOA DELI, it’s their open kitchen. And if you are a fan of KIMCHI, they bake their own and you can buy it to go. They also offer soft drinks like Rosadito’s wine.


Open from Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 – 8:30

Instagram account: @moa_deli

Address: Tabasco 189, Local D, Mexico City, Mexico.

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