Over the moon with CUADRA’s Visual Merchandising at SAPICA

Today it’s my first day doing coverage for SAPICA. One of the things I love the most is to walk down the aisle and observe the Visual Merchandising! Each brand has its own personality, and the visual merchandising is very useful to help them attract the public. One of the most important goals for a brand is to be seen and to be in the radar of a possible buyer, that’s why having a great visual is crucial.

I came across this incredible visual merchandising by Mexican brand CUADRA. Check out the details! it really blew my mind. Like taking a trip across the universe in leather boots, conquering the space in the most fashionable way.

About CUADRA and Craftsmanship

“Over time CUADRA has positioned itself as a prestigious brand, distinguished for its artisanal quality and avant-garde designs. CUADRA products have a history and given their exotic nature, the beauty and originality speak for themselves, as well as the work of the expert artisan hands by whom they were created, reflected in each of the details that they possess.”

CUADRA has participated at : Milan Fashion Week 23, Paris Fashion Week 23, New York Fashion Week 23.

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