SAPICA / Footwear, Leather Goods and Fashion

SAPICA / FOOTWEAR,LEATHER GOODS AND FASHION taking place from march 8 -10 22 , at León Guanajuato

Today I had the opportunity to be part of SAPICA‘s inauguration based in León, Guanajuato Mexico. What is SAPICA and why you should definitely check it out?

SAPICA is the Footwear, leather goods and fashion most important international trade fair in Latin America. It’s the perfect space to do business! It takes place at the Poliforum, where many local and Mexican brands convey together. You will find brands like CUADRA, Lyard, Fabián Arenas among others. What I absolutely love about this particular edition of SAPICA is the way brands present and show their products in a new format with the use of Pop Ups and Visual Merchandising.. which makes them attractive for the buyers and visitors.

Venue Poliforum León
Shoes from Mexico

Fun corner down the aisle walking at León’s Poliforum, BE AND READ

Fabián Arenas

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