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While I was scrolling my Instagram feed I came across Selección Marsella store, I found the curatorship of design and decor exquisite. And I was curious to know more about this new hot spot.

How was the idea of opening Selección Marsella conceived? Selección Marsella emerges from the taste of being at home, for enjoying every space, fulfill it with personality, looking always for the adequate piece of every necessity found at home. This project is one of of those projects which emerged in the middle of the pandemic, meanwhile in one of those late desserts of the quarantine it arose the idea of putting on sale our favorite pieces of home, a possible alternate project to our work as architects. The name was chosen almost at the same moment, Selección Marsella, making reference on the street where we live, and our love for it.

Photography by Fernando Farfán

At the beginning of 2021, conceived not as a store but as a home where everything inside was on sale, the project developed in a time’s record, we would replicate our department and call friends and colleagues to add up their projects to ours.

What is the concept of the store? “Everything is sold except the house” slogan which we started the month of may. Selección Marsella opened it doors in the heart of Juarez district, this retail project is focused in home design, in which it’s founders Erick Ramirez and Sergio Delgado architects and interior designers make up a selection and curatorship of pieces from different design projects. Pieces of popular production and crafts with highly aesthetic value and proposal, the objetive is to create a concept of a house in which everything was on sale. More than a buyer, in Selección Marsella you are a guest with the liberty of taking everything you want.

One of the principal objectives, is to invite to purchase at the showroom, to have an experience of interaction and appreciate every object within the rest of the selected pieces.

What brands and the designers we will find at the store? Among the brands included in this launching we found: ” & Jacob” with their distinctive and singular objects of crafted stone and
borosilicate glass, accompanied with carved molcajetes in wood in diverse journeys across the interior of the republic. Pieces of ceramic made and baked specially for the season of Sarah Alcala and it’s project Huapango ceramic in a bicolor detail in limited quantity respecting the process and time of production. To the table we fins selected pieces of Le Creuset, which we selected pans and accessories in steel and it’s most recent color of the season “Merengue” to form an ensemble of pieces and products which together form a diverse table but full of unity and harmony.

Photography Fernando Farfán
Materia Prima

Projects like M.A. form part of the projects that integrate this ensemble, with pieces that combine the best of contemporary Mexican design and the artisanal techniques of Mexico. Decorative vessels of clay with a natural touch and vibrant colors, rug and table sets of wool that reflect the concepts and ideas of the worldview that reflect the concepts and ideas of the cosmovision of the pueblos they work with.

Two of the center pieces of the ambient of the project are a pair of decorative lamps of Ratan weaving by Hila, a design studio focused on the search of creativity, innovation and aesthetic inside the market of Mexican lightning.

Coqui Coqui is one of the other brands centered in the space, being it’s first and only selling point in Mexico City, that contributes with the best of home and personal fragrances with 8 of their essences of their two collections Yucatan and Polinesia and smell and taste of the most top level.

Inside of the personal care goods we found labels and projects that search to presignify the beauty rituals of self care and wellness from a a point of sensorial and sustainable view, with simple and friendly formula with the ambient and production process, Laguna Cyprien, Honra and De Buen Fario, are among the options of which it offers an alternative of personal care and preservation of home rituals.

To complement the offer of products, there was a production of original pieces inside of which can be found furnished stools with stripes with a limited edition fabric, a credenza which can be bought in 3 different colors, a set of auxiliar steel tables in different diameters and heights and a dinner table of burnish natural steel. Each pieces can be found set inside of the space of the store in a congruent spot according to each of them, creating an idea and sense of a wider house.

Other brands that complement the experience are: Flamas with it’s irreverent hand molded wax candles, Candor Home with 100% cotton goods made in Patzcuaro Michoacan, Amoretti Brothers and it’s fine line of copper pieces for home. Utility ceramic pieces by LACASAOCHO and the most recent launched label of atemporal furniture PUR.

How is the selection and curatorship of design made inside the store? We stables a narrative of what we would like to walk into the aesthetic of space, from which we part to the elaboration of a mood board where we pour our ideas and concepts that we believe can work together. Once the concept and aesthetic can be stablished we part to reunite the projects, objects and experiences we consider can be the perfect fit with the central idea, from there it comes reaching our with everyone of them . In these encounters the selection of objects is made, taking in consideration how to integrate them in the ambient of the house. Colors, models, size, and quantity are taken in consideration with our vision as well as each of the creatives we work with.

Where is Selección Marsella? Selección Marsella is at Calle Marsella 72, Mexico City, Mexico

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