Design by Mexican fashion designer Ximena Corcuera and artist Begoña Zorrilla

SIMBIOSIS Exhibition at Galería L by fashion designer Ximena Corcuera and artist Begoña Zorrilla

We must stop talking about the individual, and start acting from the collective. – Ximena Corcuera

Yesterday I went to GALERÍA L for the inauguration of “SIMBOSIS” a project by Mexican fashion designer Ximena Corcuera and artist Begoña Zorrilla. I found the exhibition very moving, when Ximena gave us her statement about the exhibition, and how it was to work with artist Begoña Zorrilla. “Mixing fashion and art we have a SIMBIOSIS”. You can appreciate the intervention of Begoña on print on Ximena’s garments.

Ximena Corcuera is known for proposing art and fashion on her designs.

Galería L
Galería L presenting the SIMBIOSIS exhibition by Ximena Corcuera and Begoña Zorrilla

“Simbiosis reflects on the major issues linked to climate change and the deterioration of our planet. Through the execution of a study in the Madre de Dios region in Peru, a problem of utmost importance is underscored, not from a local perspective, but by exemplifying a collective responsibility and global necessity: the conservation of the Amazon rainforest.”

I took some pictures of the exhibition, it will be available till the 21 of September 2023.

“Ximena Corcuera proposes fashion and art as tools for empathy, community action, and the amplification of positive impacts, as well as ameans for creating support systems that promote social development.”

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