The challenges of an emergent fashion designer in Mexico: Interview with Jacob Pulido

Jacob Pulido and I have know each other for a while in the fashion industry in Mexico. He is a specialist in fashion business, lecturer, and mentor in brand incubation in Fashion Foward Mexico at the University Centro de Diseño de Modas. He has a very interesting fashion project by the name of ModaEmprende His area of expertise is Fashion Marketing, and Fashion Business. He has an international certification of Incubation, Acceleration, and Development of Entrepreneurship Centers by the University of Salamanca in Spain.

He also has a magazine He has a lot of experience and his projects are

Jacob spoke about the challenges an emergent designer faces today in Mexico.

The truth is that an emergent designer doesn’t need to think always of becoming a Luxury brand. They need to be faithful to their own essence. Not trying to portrait something they are not. They need to learn more about the market, and it’s characteristics. It is not enough to have a photo of a pretty picture as a “luxury brand”.

Think about the wow factor, it could only be a change in modifications of the garment, client attention, and the use of different materials.

Luxury is not always the key of success of a brand. Luxury is prestigious and expensive, but sometimes is not.

– Jacob Pulido

It needs an investment and budget in communication, pricing, and production. Since consumers tend to idealize a product. As a emergent designer you don’t need to force the market, you need to find particular people, and identify a niche market of value. Sometimes is preferable to have a 100 people than 10000 as a result of conversion.

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