The Iconic use of a Leather Jacket: Interview with Daniela Cassab, DANCASSAB

Hi Daniela, thank you for the interview! Tell us, how was DANCASSAB as a brand conceived? DANCASSAB was conceived 4 years ago in Mexico City, making my own samples and I achieved making leather jackets of an excellent quality with a lot of personality. At that time I was working in The Voice Mexico, and some of the artists like J Balvin came to me since I was in charge of the wardrobe and asked about what I was wearing, it was a leather jacket.


The exposure of the brand was very organic, mouth to mouth. People started to make requests one by one, because someone they knew was wearing a very special leather jacket. That’s how the brand started, ever since it has grown in Mexico and in the rest of the world.

.What is the DNA and the concept of your brand? The DNA of the brand is liberty and expression, the power of channeling your own personality through a garment. The esthetic of the brand is inspired by the 60’s and 70’s, like people used to dress at that time.We have pieces that are based in cowboy culture brought to the modern era. A part of the brand is inspired in art and they capacity of making hand made pieces like sculptures, one by one with a lot of love, so you can wear it for life.

How would you describe a DANCASSAB Woman? A DANCASSAB woman is sure of her self, she is eager, generates what she visualizes , and expresses what she thinks and what she feels through how she dresses, she likes well manufactured pieces, quality and long-lasting garment on her drawer.

What makes a DANCASSAB leather jacket unique? The leather jacket is iconic since the moment it starts the inspiration to be created, so many of them are created based on muses and icons of music.


The moment that they are manufactured the magic begins, the union of the pieces, materials and modulability of the silhouette is unique. Everything is hand crafted by artisans that work the leather to perfection and put the name of Mexico way up high.


Where does your inspiration come from, how is your creative process for the design of atemporal leather jackets? The inspiration is to make one piece conceived from a song, to a piece of art, colors, materials that are used to make a garment are from Mexico and that is also an important factor that makes us different. We have a mission to represent our country from the best place.


DANCASSAB Is a brand that is distinguished for it’s heritage and the use of leather, How do you work with artisans? The artisans work with us, they receive the leather every day and put them as an sculpture until it generates a silhouette of our designs. Every stitch of leather has a minimal touch since they are unique, the difference of the fabric in each stitch of the leather is irreversible , that’s the reason it takes a lot of experience of knowing how to work with leather.


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