TOUS / Bubble Tea Bar

Pop Up TOUS Bubble Tea Bar located at Palacio de Hierro Perisur in Mexico City.

Last week I went to Palacio de Hierro Department Store in Mexico City located in Perisur mall, and had the most delicious matcha bubble tea in the pop up TOUS Bubble Tea Bar. I have being a fan of Bubble Teas for a very long time, I love 2 brands “Gong Cha” and “Cassava Roots”. This matcha bubble tea I had was really good at the price of $85.00 Mexican pesos. They have other flavors such as: Taro Latte, Coffee Toffee Latte, and Mango with Maracuyá.

I think that having this kind of marketing activations for a fashion brand is a good strategy. The only thing that I think was missing was the merchandise. A bag or a jewelry display, for the visitors to interact with the products besides the signature bear structures. The location is perfect, Palacio de Hierro is one of the fanciest fashion department stores in Mexico. I am also a fan of the TOUS brand , I love the jewelry and the bags. A few years ago TOUS had the most amazing campaign “Tender Stories” a series of several videos of storytelling about the brand, the brand was looking to captivate and target a younger audience. What I loved about Tender Stories was the instant emotional connection with the consumer. The brand campaign was a complete success! I can tell that the brand pop up is a great way to do retargeting. Nowadays TOUS designs seem more fresh, playful and colorful than before inspiring younger generations that can afford to purchase it and have a wonderful piece of affordable luxury.

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