Casa Obsidiana LGBTTTIQ Campaign: “Diversity in the City of Gods”

Casa Obsidiana is an incredible contemporary Mexican design boutique found in the heart of Teotihuacán, in the pueblo mágico of San Martín de las Pirámides, Mexico.

Casa Obsidiana celebrates diversity in the City of Gods Campaign. They united different personalities to give life to Teotihuacán deities, representing beauty and authenticity of every color of the LGBT flag and obsidian elements. The shooting’s objective is to share the message, to enjoy and respect everyone’s way of being hosting diversity and making an effort to discover the magic everyone houses inside. “It’s an invitation to boost and inspire others by being yourself, being the beginning of everything, a deity of love, let’s celebrate diversity and show the world who we are.”

Make up by Izazueta Beauty , Styling by Ness de Luna, and Photo by Ivan Aguirre.

Carolina Charbel Mexican from Oaxaca by choice works so the heart of the artisans transcends.

Daniela Muñoz , entrepreneur and medical surgeon graduated from LA SALLE researcher in de Philosophy of Gender and neurophilosophy.
“La Bruja de Texcoco” , Musician originally from Mexico City lover of transfemininity y Mexican tradition.
Georgina Oaxaca, advertising designer gourmand by conviction.
Francisco Leon, Plastic Artist from Texcoco manager of cultural projects.
Rafael Santana philanthropist, and Gerardo Cuevas designer and publicist managing director of Taller de Obsidiana and founder of Casa Obsidiana.

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