My friend Anna: The true Story of a Fake Heiress by Rachel DeLoache Williams

About Fries Before Guys , new section on the blog. Fries Before Guys is a Instagram Account (@frie.before.guys) I developed during the first quarantine lock down in Mexico City. Mostly recommendations of books I’m currently reading or read during this time. I thought that FBG could have it’s own space here in the blog.

Today I went to Libros, Libros, y Libros bookstore, in Monte Arat in Mexico City to look for new reading materials and grab a cup of iced coffee at Chiquitito Café. I found this book “My Friend Anna: The true Story of a Fake Heiress” by Rachel DeLoache Williams. I have to say that I saw the story of Anna on the Netflix’s mini series, and binged it! As soon as I saw the book on the book shelve I knew I had to read it, and get to know more about Anna’s story through Rachel’s point of view and her experience.

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