About me

My name is Rebeca Ramos Montoya, some people call me Beca. I’m a graphic designer, with a Master’s Degree in Fashion Marketing.  I first started blogging at quecomanpastel.com , and was featured in the Publication “Global Fashion Bloggers” by the MFIT in 2015. 

Global Fashion Bloggers

I’m certified by Elle Education Latam in Fashion Marketing. Communication, and Luxury Products. (2013)

And by  Condé Nast College México Latam in Digital Marketing and Luxury. (2020)

One of the things I love the most is being a lecturer, I had the opportunity to work as a teacher in Jannette Klein in Mexico City for almost 5 years.

I studied my Master’s Degree in Anáhuac México  Sur class of (2017)

I had the chance to work with designer Lydia Lavín in a investigation project, curatorship and graphic design. “Retrospectiva de la Moda en México” For Intermoda, Guadalajara 2014

I worked as a trainee in Grupo Axo at Tommy Hilfigher on the 20th anniversary of the brand in Mexico in the merchandising area. (2014)

By (2015) I worked with the mexican fashion brand Yakampot and Arroz Con Leche, by Concepción Orvañanos, as  a graphic designer and social media management.

 Nowadays I’m the creative director of my very own accessories  brand Doble Infinito.

I had the opportunity to collaborate and write with Elle Education (Business) : 

What Strategy to Implement to Engage Your Customer

Creative Tools for Benchmarking