Behind Mexico’s Fashion Industry/ Interview with Pris Cano Fashion Stylist

Priscila Cano , Mexican Fashion Stylist

When I began blogging back in 2012, I met Priscila Cano at a Fashion Marketing Course in CENTRO. Her sense of style and approach to fashion seemed so unique and different. Years later, I decided to interview her now as one of Mexico’s top stylists.

When did your curiosity for fashion started? It started when I was 17 years old approximately , it drew my attention but I wasn’t involved in the subject. Until a friend invited me to join her fashion blog, and we started to write content and articles about fashion and It was fun at the moment. Them we had more collaborators and we started going to fashion events and we clicked with a lot of people from the industry. But the project didn’t continue and life guided me to fashion styling.

If you could describe your style in 3 words, what would it be? ooh that’s tough! Some days I wake up more colorful and others in general I follow the same line haha, It would be: minimalism, comfortable and proportional. That’s why I always try to have proportion in a baggy garment with one who is more adjusted , comfortable because I usually wear pants that are not so adjusted so I can be able to work, and minimalist because the most part of time I am solid colored.

What is the most important thing one has to notice when you prep and do a styling? You must analyze the person you will be dressing, more than have a fitting. See pictures of what goes with it, and how it looks. What type of body it has etc. Parting from taking inspiration depending of the proposal, and create a few looks and search for various options that measure our possibilities.

Which designers and publications have you worked with? I have worked with many Mexican designers which I love! They have a lot of proposals, I have also worked with international brands which excites me to have runway apparel in my hands, it gives a deeper approach since I notice the finish of the garment and the type of fabric it was made off, some garments are worth what they are worth because of all the work that is done behind it. Some Mexican designers I have worked with are: Paloma Lira, Jesus de la Garra, No Name, Alan Jotar, The Pack, Edgar Aguilera among others.

Styling by Priscila Cano

What makes you passionate about fashion? It makes me passionate all that can be expressed by a garment, when you see the inspiration the designers took for it’s creation , it excites me so much that this vision can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the vision of each stylist. It’s a media that each time it’s reinventing its self, it is adapting to the époque we live in, it has become something that is more accesible to others, thanks to the internet is more easy to research about runways and fashion.

Give us an infalible styling advice for our readers: Use what makes you feel comfortable, it can be a garment or a piece of jewelry that you love and that it becomes a statement piece. And parting from this item you can combine other elements that are simpler to highlight that piece or garment.

Bad Hombre , styling by Priscila Cano

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