On being a fashion entrepreneur, and landing a fashion accessories brand / Doble Infinito

Doble Infinito means Twice Infinity in English. I used to tell my parents when I was a little kiddo that I loved them to infinity and beyond, for me it meant: twice infinity , a never ending love, that will remain forever.

How did the idea of having my own accessories brand grew on me? A few years back after my dad passed away I enrolled my self into a pattern making and rapport classes, to keep my self distracted and focus my creativity on something new. I made my very own fabric designs and I loved the idea of creating something tangible like scarves for example. I was on my last semester of my MBA in Fashion Marketing, and the idea of creating a brand as a thesis project caught my attention. And it was the perfect theme! That’s how the brand was conceived.

How to juggle between being a designer and making it in the fashion industry? I honestly never thought it would actually work, but it became my 24/7 dedication, hard work + passion.

This is a story of love, loss and finding what makes you feel complete and happy everyday. For many years my designs and my style became my daily armor. Like Bill Cunningham would refer to as quoting : “Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life.” A reflection of my life, my surroundings, life experiences, research, art, beauty, my love and loss of people I care about, for example my Mom who fought Cancer and Covid last year and became the muse of my latest Collection “Life in a Seashell”. Inspired by the circle of life of sea creatures…

Having the design in mind, and land it into something tangible is the best feeling in the world. My collections are very personal, but I guess that’s what makes them different from other brands and designers. It has being an interesting journey so far, I never stop learning.

To know more about the brand my brand Doble Infinito and it’s latest collections just click here.

… It took me a while to get here, and make a come back but It was the perfect timing. Thank you to all the blogs readers and visitors. I promise I will try to blog as much as I can very soon.

And I’m back in the game!



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