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The Fabricant /Arcadia Metaverse Hangouts , Getting started in Decentraland Bilingual Hang Out. Presented by Pedro Guez and co-hosted by Alex Petrou and Rebeca Ramos

Interested in Fashion and Metaverse? Join us on The Fabricant Discord Channel for a bilingual hang out! Presented by Pedro Guez , and co hosted by English Fashion designer Alex Petrou and Mexican Fashion Blogger and Marketer Rebeca Ramos. `ARCADIA – Chapter XI: METAVERSE HANGOUTS` Acompáñenos en nuestro próximo **METAVERSE HANGOUT**. En esta ocasión, mostraremos […]

Mextilo: 500 years of Mexican Fashion

Making Mextilo wasn’t an easy job, but there was a way to make it . To save a part of history of our country. The future of culture is on the internet, where knowledge is free, and compatible. That’s why instead of printing it’s second edition, we give it away and make it free for […]