Embroidery and Artisanal fashion: Interview with Mexican Fashion Designer Sharinna Aguilar , AnnirashMx

Annirash by Fashion Mexican designer Sharinna Aguilar.

Hello Sharinna, a while ago I bought a couple of your pieces from your brand in Guadalajara , Mexico. A beautiful black dress with embroidery, a body suit Enterizo Elena with golden embroidery. I’ve seen your pieces and they are atemporal and very original.

How do you start your career in fashion, what was your first approach with fashion? My mom told me that since I was 2 years old I liked to do diy and searched for artistic activities that were left for my older sister. At home they joke about how I started first sewing before I could talk well. At 6 years old I played with my sheets to make dresses with my sister and friends. I loved to go see clothes and since that age I could say that I haven’t changed my decision to study this career. A long with my student life I searched to be in contact with activities that were related with art, like drawing, always with the idea in mind to be a fashion designer.

I studied fashion design in the University of Guadalajara, and I have studies in Indumentary and Textile Design by the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Today I am a lecturer in the University of Guadalajara and ITESO in the career of Fashion and Idumentary.

How was your fashion brand Annirashmx conceived? Before I finished my career I started to make night gowns y bridal, nevertheless , I’ve always had a passion and love for Mexican culture and I had in mind that I wanted to do with my career, reaching high with love and passion I feel for my country and Mexican design. After a year of preparation, research, and reaching collaborations and team work the brand was launched in may 2017. In that year we faced a lot of challenges, because the idea was to incorporate the cross-stitch in every fabric wasn’t accepted by some indigenous communities, and members of the same and they weren’t so open to that kind of work because they had already suffered a lot of exploration and it’s difficult to trust people. For me it was a beautiful challenge, to work little by little and gain their trust and now become a family.

What is your DNA and fashion concept? In Annirash we understand the women if the XXI century, we are searching to represent her. For us, she is a feminine woman, who is determined and and accomplishes many roles in her life. Because she has to be beautiful, sophisticated, and comfortable. Meanwhile it presents a project that determines her role in her business or goes to a social event.

Annirash combines feminine design, fashion trends, comfortability, and artisanal embroidery. We want to reach a target that we can promote and support mexican culture in various aspects in their lives. Were have found the great surprise to dress women that are aren’t so warm with traditional garments that represent the folk of Mexico, and have worn garments Annirash by the taste in design, for us is an honor that they wear a piece of our ancestry by the artisanal embroidery made by our community.

For us, to make women stronger is a fundamental matter, part of our DNA is to empower our clients through our clothing, and also we do it with our community and the value chain to provide fair salary and fair trade. That way we believe in environmental compromise and we search for long lasting quality, to avoid unmeasurable waste.

How do you work with the communities and artisanal craftsmanship? Each collection has a theme of inspiration, that is the basis of the them that will be developed in the election of materials, fabric, color, silhouettes and embroidery.

Tell us about your creative process.. The brand it’s self inspires women that have made important run national and international changes., women who call themselves successful. Further you will find that each brand has a name inspired in them. For example the Michelle vest, inspired by Michelle Obama, o the Malala blouse inspired to this great young lady. We always search as a brand that the inspiration is portrayed since the beginning of each piece of garment to the form of showing the collection.

How many collections you design a year? Two collections

Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest collection.. Our first resort collection is named BINOMIO and it’s inspired by “La Malinche” a mexican controversial representative figure. She was a beautiful woman who was loved and hated, nevertheless she had the power to change history. The collection reflects a woman with a lot of power, with the strength and capacity to change the future even in times of adversity. This collection represents “The most polemic woman in our history”. The same way BINOMIO, it alludes us to feel in many ways in this time of pandemic the changes of “the new normal” that makes us reconsider everything, while we maintain ourselves standing with the idea of moving forward and make a difference in history. The BINOMIO collection has two leading colors based in earth tones, Amber and Beige with black accents. Naural textiles like linen which is our favorite. The principal pieces of this collection are formed by ensembles, tops, dresses, shorts, and light pants.

Where can we find your designs?

Guadalajara: Showroom Ugga Oficial

Online at : https://espaciomexicano.com/annirash

Mexico City: Ophelia Showroom

San Miguel de Allende: Casa R

Ajijic: Diverso Concept Store

Los Cabos: Eclectic Array

Mérida Yucatán: Bluboutique  

Está colección, representa a “La mujer más polémica de nuestra historia” 

De igual forma, Binomio, nos alude al sentir de muchos de nosotros en esta época de pandemia, de cambios, “de nuevos normales”, que nos hacen replantearnos todo, mientras nos mantenemos en pie con la sola idea de salir adelante y marcar una historia.

La colección BINOMIO tiene como protagonistas los colores tierra; Ámber y beige, con acentos en negro. Los textiles naturales; el Lino es nuestro favorito. 

Las principales piezas de la colección son formadas por ensambles, tops, vestidos, pantalones ligeros y shorts. 

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